Educate : Analyse : Improve

IntrepiData is owned and run by Fen Scott. Fen graduated from the University of Northumbria with a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Statistics (for Business and Industry). He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (with Business Statistics) and a Master of Research (with Commendation) in Social Sciences (specialising in secondary school attainment data analysis).

Prior to setting up IntrepiData, Fen has worked as a statistician / Microsoft® Excel® specialist within various fields including:

Local education authority

Management consultancy

Chemical manufacturing

CRM software development

Fire Service

Government Statistical Service

Public utility research and development

During his post-graduate career, Fen has combined his excellent academic skills in Applied Statistics with an ability to identify and implement novel data analysis solutions using Excel VBA - a combination of skills which can add tremendous value to your School  and Business Improvement processes.